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Microsoft Pulls Out

Yay for sexual innuendo!
To be a little more serious, Microsoft has finally given up on the Yahoo! deal. Of course, this isn’t a total loss, especially for Microsoft. You see, the next time stock plunges at Y! there will be a bigger step to have a MS+Y! deal and the next time, it actually might go through.
As usual, Balmer made the letter public and wow, these people can really write some good letters!
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Microsoft Is Out to Get You


Hopefully this is something Microsoft will not continue to update and release. The idea seems good, but it is really just bad news for pirates everywhere.

The small plug-in basically is able to bypass your normal MS security techniques (password decrypting, etc.) and sends information straight to the F.B.I. so you can get V& faster.

This is also able to set a scary precedent. Say you’re suspected for terrorism or something and the partyvan breaks down your door, takes your box, plugs in their flash drive and discovers that you aren’t running Windows! Only a terrorist would keep their information in a format that doesn’t let Microsoft give data to the law, right? So as much as I dislike *nix, I’m going to have to go with them on this one.

Please, MS, don’t continue this *puppy eyes*

Pretty Interesting

Excel for gaming?
I saw this surfacing two or three weeks ago, it’s actually pretty neat.
I think this is an attack against those Mac vs. PC commercials in which creating spreadsheets aren’t fun.

Fun VB .exe

I decided to sit down and try some Visual Basic stuff today, and I came up with this.
It’s basically a local pic surfer, especially made for surfing your porn pics. Of course, I can’t let this thing view .png files >.>
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Arch Linux

I tink it is about time I try a new Linux distro out, and I’ve been told that Arch Linux is a fine damn OS. Now, I am a Windows fanboy, but I’ve never been one to shun out every other type of OS.
I’ll be using VMWare to run this, mainly because the room I have my computer in does not have an ethernet jack and my wirless key does not support Linux.
I’ll be sure to tell you how this turns out!

VB Script Error Message

This is a fun small script you can use on your friends, family, enemies, or whomever! The instructions are pretty simple and it takes about five minutes at most to make this.

1. The first step is very simple. Open up Notepad, or (what I use) Notepad2

2. Type in the following:
prank = msgbox("title",16,"message")

3. Before we continue, take another look at what the code. It’s extremely simple to understand. Everything before the parenthesis is telling the script what type of *.vbs this is about to become. Everything inside the parenthesis is what you or the person you’re doing this to is going to see.

4. Now replace title and message with whatever you want. Remember, the title is the area with minimize, maximize, and close buttons. The message is the area where the actual message is written.

5. You’re just about finished. Your complete code should look something like this:
prank = msgbox("All your base are belong to us. [~subz0r",16,"MaD owns you.")
Just hit “Save As…” and put the file anywhere you want. Make sure you have the “All files (*.*)” option selected and save it as *.vbs.

And now you’re done! If you want multiple error messages to pop up with just one execution of the file, copy and paste your line multiple times throughout Notepad[2] and hit save.

Windows XP SP3 RC2 Links

These are some links to download and install Windows XP SP3 RC2. It is almost self explanatory on how to do this. Please leave questions in the comments, either me or another knowing viewer will help!

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