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Iron Man

When I saw that they were making Iron Man, my first reaction was “Fuck yeah!”  My second reaction was, “Dear God, I hope they don’t screw this sucker up like they did to the Hulk!!!”  Luckily, my first reaction was what continued to stick throughout the movie (and millions of previews before the movie came out).
Usually when a comic book company turns their very nice comic book series the movie is either decent or horrible. Most of the time the graphics are decent, if not worse than a two-year-old on a Mac (see 2003 Blockbuster disaster “Hulk”). The acting is also half-ass most the time, if not worse than an ass like in a certain movie starring a crime fighting hero based on a winged nocturnal creature in a dark city called Gotham. If you didn’t get the hint: Batman. Iron Man, though, was fucking amazing.
Now I don’t mean, HOLY SHIT C.G.I.!!!111!!!ELEVEN, I mean this movie kicked ass in every single way. First off, the action was there, and it stayed there. Within at least the first five minutes of the movie, you were ready for more intense violence. Plus, the lines weren’t shitty. Iron Man didn’t go around saying bullshit “hero” lines and actually knew his shit. Also, the two main chicks were actually pretty hot ;). Oh yeah, the graphics were still good.
Here is a hint: When you and watch the movie, make sure you sit through ALL the credits, there is something neat at the end.


Windows Vista

So, as some of you know, a new Windows Vista laptop (from Asus) has been purchased in my house. I must say Windows Vista is pretty amazing. The thing works just about perfectly and the GUI is very, very nice. Anybody who complains about Vista is a whiny baby that can’t handle that Microsoft just about got it right this time I’m pondering on if I should write an official review on it or not. It has been quite a while technology-wise since the OS has come out….

KDE 4.0 Release Date Announced

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Now, I’m no big fan of *NIX items to begin with, but KDE is a little different…..
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IE7Pro v2.0

Internet Explorer came out onto the market not to long ago, and soon following it came the add-on for it, IE7Pro (often simply called IEPro). IE7Pro seemed to be just what IE fans were looking for, and continues to be an amazing add-on for IE7 today, heck you could say it’s needed to properly surf on Internet Explorer.
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