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Microsoft Pulls Out

Yay for sexual innuendo!
To be a little more serious, Microsoft has finally given up on the Yahoo! deal. Of course, this isn’t a total loss, especially for Microsoft. You see, the next time stock plunges at Y! there will be a bigger step to have a MS+Y! deal and the next time, it actually might go through.
As usual, Balmer made the letter public and wow, these people can really write some good letters!
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Arch Linux

I tink it is about time I try a new Linux distro out, and I’ve been told that Arch Linux is a fine damn OS. Now, I am a Windows fanboy, but I’ve never been one to shun out every other type of OS.
I’ll be using VMWare to run this, mainly because the room I have my computer in does not have an ethernet jack and my wirless key does not support Linux.
I’ll be sure to tell you how this turns out!

Linux Kernal 2.6 Local Root Exploit

“This local root exploit (Debian, Ubuntu) seems to work everywhere I try it, as long as it’s a Linux kernel version 2.6.17 to If you don’t trust your users (which you shouldn’t), better compile a new kernel without vmsplice.”

It’s no surprise that Linux has an exploit, I’m just a little shocked that this is getting so much attention. All OS (yes including Macs) have numerous backdoors, exploits, etc., though usually you only hear about ones for Windows.

Source: [slashdot]

Code: [milw0rm]

Windows XP SP3 RC2 Links

These are some links to download and install Windows XP SP3 RC2. It is almost self explanatory on how to do this. Please leave questions in the comments, either me or another knowing viewer will help!

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Vista SP1 Hack

Vista SP1 has yet to officially come out yet, but you can download it with this neat little trick. Oh yeah, thanks to suril89 for giving this to me.
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Microsoft + Yahoo! Analysis

Paul Thurrott’s article basically takes out all need to have me write anything about this huge thing between Microsoft and Yahoo! going on. I will still, though, write a few things.
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Windows Vista

So, as some of you know, a new Windows Vista laptop (from Asus) has been purchased in my house. I must say Windows Vista is pretty amazing. The thing works just about perfectly and the GUI is very, very nice. Anybody who complains about Vista is a whiny baby that can’t handle that Microsoft just about got it right this time I’m pondering on if I should write an official review on it or not. It has been quite a while technology-wise since the OS has come out….