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Microsoft Pulls Out

Yay for sexual innuendo!
To be a little more serious, Microsoft has finally given up on the Yahoo! deal. Of course, this isn’t a total loss, especially for Microsoft. You see, the next time stock plunges at Y! there will be a bigger step to have a MS+Y! deal and the next time, it actually might go through.
As usual, Balmer made the letter public and wow, these people can really write some good letters!
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Microsoft Is Out to Get You


Hopefully this is something Microsoft will not continue to update and release. The idea seems good, but it is really just bad news for pirates everywhere.

The small plug-in basically is able to bypass your normal MS security techniques (password decrypting, etc.) and sends information straight to the F.B.I. so you can get V& faster.

This is also able to set a scary precedent. Say you’re suspected for terrorism or something and the partyvan breaks down your door, takes your box, plugs in their flash drive and discovers that you aren’t running Windows! Only a terrorist would keep their information in a format that doesn’t let Microsoft give data to the law, right? So as much as I dislike *nix, I’m going to have to go with them on this one.

Please, MS, don’t continue this *puppy eyes*

Sites That Make the Internet Suck

We’ve all seen them, those sites that make you wonder what the hell people were thinking when the made it.  Of course, it’s not always the webmaster’s fault but the user base of that website that makes you want to eat your keyboard and throw it up on them.  So now, without further delay and in no particular order, I give you those websites:
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Great job, Anonymous, I know the protests weren’t as great as last time, but they were still good.
Here is also something pretty interesting: an arrest was made.
Now I’m not sure if this was the only one, but the whole thing seemed fishy to me. And the car being pulled over? I think the police know exactly where their money is coming from…

2.10.2008 Protests

This was an epic win for everybody, and I would like to congratulate all who participated. Hit up the Partyvan IRC and join #3/15 for the next protest details… and join my channel too!

Go, Anon, GO!!

I support all those who fight in the name of Anonymous, great job Australia keep up the good work Europe and Asia!!

Expect big from the USA!

Microsoft + Yahoo! Analysis

Paul Thurrott’s article basically takes out all need to have me write anything about this huge thing between Microsoft and Yahoo! going on. I will still, though, write a few things.
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