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Skynet is soon to come…

Over at the HP Labs, researchers have finally discovered the key to destroying all humanity creating Skynet making the memristor, or memory resistor.
The concept was discovered a long time ago by Leon Chua, but he nor his team of engineers could find the physical creation to build such a thing. 34 years later, it’s here.
This new technology will help make things like instant-on computers, and computers that can think like humans. Pretty neat, huh?
Read more here: [Wired]


Surprise! Dell fucks shit up!

Seriously, who didn’t see Dell finally screwing something huge up finally? Their computers have only been getting worse and worse, I’m still surprised to find out that they are still huge on the market.
Anyways, here is the link: [flicker]


So it seems the HD format for DVDs is no moar. Blu-Ray is now officially the format.

Toshiba, the leading backer of the HD-DVD format, has decided to officially back out of the competition. Looks like now we’ll be downloading our warez in the Blu-Ray format and on-demand shows will now be in the same format.

This of course comes right after Wal*Mart decided to drop HD-DVD. Oh, and to all that I’ve argued with over HD vs. Blu-Ray, I know… you told me so, now stfu!

What Console to Buy

Deciding for a console can be very difficult nowadays.  You have a lot to consider when you got out shopping.  There’s always game genre you want and then of course which company you’ll end up backing when you purchase.  There’s also the matter of friends, if they apply.  Luckily, this flow chart makes it very simple on deciding what to buy.

Console Desicion Process