Sites That Make the Internet Suck

We’ve all seen them, those sites that make you wonder what the hell people were thinking when the made it.  Of course, it’s not always the webmaster’s fault but the user base of that website that makes you want to eat your keyboard and throw it up on them.  So now, without further delay and in no particular order, I give you those websites:

  • Gaia Online – Congrats Lanzer, you’ve finally made it to the top of something besides extreme faggotry. While the site claims to be a “fun game” it’s really just a poor excuse for a social networking Friendster/MySpace ripoff. And it’s users? Dumber than that 3-year-old who has yet to figure out that what he’s eating is actually glue. Aside from being whiny bitches, the users love to have gay orgasm with their avatars every 5 minutes or so.
  • Digg – At one point, this creation of Kevin Rose (who isn’t part of the diggfaggotry) was actually worth going to now. Now it’s filled with useless links Dugg up by probably the gathering of really dumb wannabe tech nerds. I’d recommend Slashdot for your daily tech needs.
  • Partyvan – Remember that site you would always visit and mess around with for days at a time. Then you actually stepped back and realized that if somebody caught you here, you’d most likely have to go into exile? This is basically what Partyvan has become. When I first started to hang around Partyvan (near the time of their creation) I figured it would be a cool place. Oh, and it was a cool place – up until March 2008. Then for some unknown reason, the place was hit with a case of the newfags and everything went down the drain.
  • Encyclopedia Dramatica – ED (LOL DID HE JUST SAY ED?!??!?!@@12`3214/) is the perfect recipe on how to kill lulz. First take a bunch of things from 4, 7, or w/e* that aren’t funny. Now also add a bunch of also not funny things targeted at six-year-olds. Shake well and act like it is funny, while making sure to hint that you are part of Anonymous. every five words.
    *this recipe does not include a certain two boards which I won’t name to keep the newfags out
  • Subeta – Words cannot describe the failure this website holds. It’s like Neopets, but worse!
  • MySpace – Title says all.
  • tektek – Besides the fact the site was created because of Gaia Online, the unoriginallity and extreme faggotry makes the average Internet Sean want to barf when the see this:
  • lolcats – With this one, I’m just about referring to every site that is like lolcats. To those sites I have one simple message: Thanks for killing everything once funny about our holy Caturday.

So there it is, a small list of the few out of many sites that are just about as fun as an honors level advanced physics class during the summer. Unless of course you like physics, in which case I ask: do my homework, please! 😦


1 Response to “Sites That Make the Internet Suck”

  1. 1 Sean April 28, 2008 at 8:20 pm

    lol internet

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