Restricted Computer & Internet Access

It seems that my dad has all of a sudden decided to start installing parental control programs along with Norton Anti-Virus, -Spyware and Firewall on my computer. He’s using the Verizon Yahoo! Suite, too, which lets you limit internet access time. I’ve got 2 hours a day.
So, because my dad does not know about half the stuff I do, like code VB, PHP, HTML, use mIRC, “hack”, etc. and Norton logs all this stuff, I have to stop it for a while. I will also be posting here a little less often for maybe the next month.
If there are any tips on how to get rid of this stuff (and don’t say disable from start-up, I’ve already done that and he put it back) post in the comments or reach me via WLM!
I would also reccommend people not to use Norton, it messes with the Sys32 files and just sucks major ass. Use NOD32 or Zone Alarm.


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