VB Script Error Message

This is a fun small script you can use on your friends, family, enemies, or whomever! The instructions are pretty simple and it takes about five minutes at most to make this.

1. The first step is very simple. Open up Notepad, or (what I use) Notepad2

2. Type in the following:
prank = msgbox("title",16,"message")

3. Before we continue, take another look at what the code. It’s extremely simple to understand. Everything before the parenthesis is telling the script what type of *.vbs this is about to become. Everything inside the parenthesis is what you or the person you’re doing this to is going to see.

4. Now replace title and message with whatever you want. Remember, the title is the area with minimize, maximize, and close buttons. The message is the area where the actual message is written.

5. You’re just about finished. Your complete code should look something like this:
prank = msgbox("All your base are belong to us. [~subz0r",16,"MaD owns you.")
Just hit “Save As…” and put the file anywhere you want. Make sure you have the “All files (*.*)” option selected and save it as *.vbs.

And now you’re done! If you want multiple error messages to pop up with just one execution of the file, copy and paste your line multiple times throughout Notepad[2] and hit save.


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