Microsoft + Yahoo! Analysis

Paul Thurrott’s article basically takes out all need to have me write anything about this huge thing between Microsoft and Yahoo! going on. I will still, though, write a few things.

  • First off, I fully support Microsoft wanting to buy Yahoo!, in fact, I think it’s a great move. I’ve been a fan of Yahoo! much longer than I’ve ever been a Microsoft fan. I love Yahoo!’s features and find them very useful. Of course, Yahoo!’s only problem is not being able to make these features and services make them money.
  • And in the end isn’t money what this is all about? The only thing that Yahoo! has that Microsoft could use is Yahoo! Mail, which is by far the best mail service out there. Answers, search, GeoCities, etc. are all just features that Microsoft has but could improve on.
  • Google. Microsoft needs to get rid of Google, now and fast. I’ve never liked Google, and I’m glad Microsoft is now getting serious about taking them out. Yahoo! could help Microsoft, a company illiterate in Internet jive, get into the cloud computing game.
  • This isn’t illegal. The EU hates Microsoft with a passion and almost for reasons I sometimes can’t understand. Microsoft buying Yahoo! would not make them a monopoly. In fact, little revenue would even be gained through Yahoo!’s search. Google also owns 51% of search market share. That puts them in a bigger monopoly-type position than anybody else.

Just a thought.


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