KDE 4.0 Release Date Announced

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Now, I’m no big fan of *NIX items to begin with, but KDE is a little different…..

I decided to try out Linux when I finally got really sick and tired of all the Windows bashing that was going around. Naturally I searched around for something “good” that could run on an old machine. Of course, I wasn’t really supposed to worry about the whole old machine thing, because that is what Linux is good at, running on junk software. I was told by many to go with Fedora, and lots more to go with Ubuntu. I went with KDE instead, mainly because it was the only one that looked pretty fucking sweet. So I got VMWare and a VM version of KDE and loaded it up.
Now here is what surprised me: KDE wasn’t a peice of shit. Sure, it lacked many, many features that Windows had, had a horrible Office collection, but the thing worked. It got me where I needed simply, had a clean look, and best off stored my pr0n in a hidden location kept my files safe. Of course, there were so many versions of Linux, just trying one couldn’t do justice.
So I took up openSUSE (shit), Ubuntu (very shitty), and Fedora (uh… words cannot describe the failure.). Xandros was the final line, it was by far the worst distro of Linux. After that I just about started to give up. I was downloading all these LiveCDs and still couldn’t figure out what was so great about *nix products in general and none of the other distros lived up to KDE.
Personally, I think that Linux is just full of people that couldn’t handle Windows. It’s like the old users of a game who continue to dislike what they play and get sick of it and finally leave. Only all they do is create a cheap knock off of the original game that never is able to live up to what that original game was. I also think Linus T. was right when he told everybody how stupid GNOME was and still is. KDE (if you want Linux at all) is the way to go. It’s got a nice layout, runs smoothe, and does whatever you tell it.


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