IE7Pro v2.0

Internet Explorer came out onto the market not to long ago, and soon following it came the add-on for it, IE7Pro (often simply called IEPro). IE7Pro seemed to be just what IE fans were looking for, and continues to be an amazing add-on for IE7 today, heck you could say it’s needed to properly surf on Internet Explorer.

If you haven’t heard of IE7Pro, try checking out their website ( It’s got a nice layout, helpful tips on how to properly use IE7Pro to the fullest, and it’s got a wonderful forum community for any help you need, questions you have, or if you just plain want to talk IE7.

Old IE7Pro

IE7Pro 1.2 was no doubt an amazing tool. It numerous enhanced tabbed browsing abilities that broadened your way to surf greatly and it also finally gave IE mouse gestures to navigate easier with (and make cool drawings on your screen). It’s pop-up and ad blocker took safe surfing to a new level by completely getting rid of unwanted ads filling up your screen. There was also the very handy flash blocker, which did a super job stopping annoying flash ads that took up your screen and wouldn’t go away. Its crash recovery was also very amazing by far, it completely restored everything you were looking at and doing when IE crashed after a reload. IE7Pro also implemented to key features for IE – spellchecker and in-line search. Finally, no more bad typng on da intraw3bzz and searching was less of a hassle. One of the greatest things for it, though, was the IE7Pro Script feature (just link Greasemonkey in Firefox).

At IEScripts (, also owned by the IE7Pro people) users jumped upon making wonderful scripts and plugins that ran with IE7Pro. You could get a site’s IP by a simple click, view it’s Google Pagerank without a moment’s hesitation, and much, much more. Even though all this was great, IE7Pro still seemed to be missing a few things. v2.0 filled all those gaps.

The New Features

On January 3, 2008 IE7Pro jumped from v1.2 to v2.0 and some great features of have been implemented since then. IE7Pro now has a neat new Download Manager, dubbed MiniDM. This download manager takes downloading to a new level in IE, adding usually location features, a better interface, and an easier way to track more than one download at once. MiniDM also goes a step further from Firefox’s download manager by being able to run and download even after IE is closed by hiding in the system tray for easy convenience.

Speaking of the system tray, IE now has a new place to hide whenever your taskbar gets clustered up. By pressing ‘CTRL + M’ IE quickly slips down into the system tray without even increasing the memory usage greatly. This feature is also great for running two IE windows while “testing security” ;).

IE7Pro is also now available for 64bit versions of Vista. Of course, not many people have 64bit PCs, but with newer technology coming out everyday, and 64bit PCs to run the future, jumping on this train isn’t so bad.

Now I know this next thing isn’t a feature exactly, but I must mention the scripts that have been put out there. IE7Pro has some amazing scripts, all in .js format, that are small but capable of doing huge things. These scripts have really completed the step into making Internet Explorer a browser that you can finally surf with without feeling un-secure, or seeing messed-up pages due to lack of support. The community around IE7Pro is quite ingenious.


You’d think something like this would have a good amount of bugs floating around for it, but no not really. The only thing I do have a problem with is MiniDM. The download manager does tend to freeze up and act on it’s own sometimes, which can cause my downloads to break down and I download a lot, so this could be a hassle at times.


I know, I know – it’s an add-on for IE! Still though, the interface and look of IE7Pro’s options menu is quite plain and boring, maybe a little cooler and images would brighten it up?


IE7Pro is amazing to be blunt when speaking of it. It surpasses most of all the add-ons available for IE7 and is surly something that is and will be necessary to surf IE with. I look forward to more versions of this great peace of software.

I give it a 9 out of 10!


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