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After signing up and then never using Wakoopa, I’ve decided to give it a try again.
Wakoopa is a very small piece of software that tracks what programs you use the most and how often you use them. The installation takes about two seconds, and don’t worry, it’s perfectly secure.
I’ve added a link to my Wakoopa page in case you want to grow your e-dignity and add me on there.


Cool online service is a pretty amazing website regarding security (and hacking =0 ).
The site is just another amazing tech-based website made by college students. The website contains an open ports tool, a network location tool, a tracing tool, and a phone number tracing tool. These are just some of the perfect tools needed for making sure areas of your website are secure and properly guarded.

Umm… yeah.

Pretty amazing.

Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod

Windows Vista

So, as some of you know, a new Windows Vista laptop (from Asus) has been purchased in my house. I must say Windows Vista is pretty amazing. The thing works just about perfectly and the GUI is very, very nice. Anybody who complains about Vista is a whiny baby that can’t handle that Microsoft just about got it right this time I’m pondering on if I should write an official review on it or not. It has been quite a while technology-wise since the OS has come out….

KDE 4.0 Release Date Announced

This is the original post.

Now, I’m no big fan of *NIX items to begin with, but KDE is a little different…..
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What Console to Buy

Deciding for a console can be very difficult nowadays.  You have a lot to consider when you got out shopping.  There’s always game genre you want and then of course which company you’ll end up backing when you purchase.  There’s also the matter of friends, if they apply.  Luckily, this flow chart makes it very simple on deciding what to buy.

Console Desicion Process

IE7Pro v2.0

Internet Explorer came out onto the market not to long ago, and soon following it came the add-on for it, IE7Pro (often simply called IEPro). IE7Pro seemed to be just what IE fans were looking for, and continues to be an amazing add-on for IE7 today, heck you could say it’s needed to properly surf on Internet Explorer.
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