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Happy New Years to all!

2008 is just about here and I thought I’d set a few goals for myself before the bananza started. So without another moment’s hesitation I give you my New Year’s Resolutions:
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Merry Christmas to all!

Screw Happy Holidays, it’s fucking Christmas time 😀

Hope you get what you asked for from Santa 😉

Browser detection

Detecting browsers is a simple yet fun trick to show off on your site. Plus, it’ll impress those n00b friends of yours 😉
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edumakashun and an update

When I first got onto the Internet, I was about 5-years-old. My Gateway was running Win95 and I had AT&T Dial-up. As you can see, not a good start. Of course I gradually started spending more time on my computer and as I become more advanced with it I started spending more time on the Internet. That is, of course, if I wasn’t already playing DROD. It wasn’t until about third grade, though, until I had become interested in things like HTML, CSS, and such. I soon began coding around the age of 11.

Right now I’m 15 and I so far know, HTML, XHTML, CSS, a little bit of Java, and just recently, a little bit of PHP. I can only right simple scripts, but nothing great.  Then I ran into this site.  TechTuts is probably one of the best places to learn different types of things by interacting with a community of people.  Through them I’ve slowly been learning more PHP, and that is why I’ve started this PHP section.  I’ll be posting scripts, little snippets, and small tutorials on PHP in here every now and then (mostly then because now has passed.  Making it then – in the past.  But now is now, which is now then, making that then now and then is now making then now then.  Now.  Which is then.  Which was then now is then when then is not now which is then and now.).

Enjoy (soon.)

Happy Ninja Day!

Go kill some pirates you fools!

Possibly the stupidest news report ever

Video Here

Okay, first off I am a /b/tard and yeah I hack, but Fox has it all wrong.

We’re not a “group” we’re random people that just end up being together at times and enjoy the same things. And a required anonymous post? Wrong, it’s your right to anonymity. You can put in your personal info. Techincally, the whole internet is anonymous. Also, “a marked /i/ for invasion.” Bullshit, /b/ invades tons.

This is why 4chan gets a bad name, because people don’t get their facts straight. It’s a wonderful sight really, filled with hentai, nudes (of everything), hackers, gangs, rapers, pedos, and such 🙂