The Fresh Prince of Starcraft

It’s a rough draft 😛
and for those who haven’t heard the Original, just Live Search the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and play the theme song.

Praetor Felix
Now this is the story about how
My race got screwed, turned upside down,
And I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there,
I’ll tell you how Kerrigan, Queen of Blades, got her own lair

In another galaxy born and raised
taking care of the Protoss is how we spent most of our days
But when we reveiled ourselves they acted a fool
and we left for the Zerg who looked pretty cool

Then a couple of swarms up to no good
started making trouble in the neighborhood
We created one little Overmind who got us scared
soon he attacked and fled to who knows where?

I begged, I pleaded for Kerrigan not to stay
but Acturus wanted it only his way
He sent out the dropships after keeping the Zerg at bay
But I soon fled against his imperial want
I built up an army and kicked his Korhal but

Confederates still after me? Yo this is bad
I think I’ll stick with Tassadar, all tough and mad
If this is how high class Protoss chill like
I think it just might be aiight!

I killed the Overmind and two cerebrates
what more could the conclave want, my badge and merits?
I think not, I’ll see once the Dark Templar get there
Of the Matriach they’ll soon be sacred

Aiur is destroyed and Sharkuris is the pits
Now they want me to team with this Kerrigan shit?
I’m trying to build my race back not help my enemy
Even the Matriach would commit this felony?
Looks like Protoss blood will be shed tonight
because of secrets to which have come to sight

I set course for Aldaris and when he came near
I let Protoss attack, with Zerg well near
Oh snap! I was brainwashed, and now soon I’ll be dead
Godspeed Zeratul, keep the Protoss well bred

Duran was gone after episode seven or eight
and I’ll let Zertatul live, to shame Matriach hatah
Queen of Blades and Universe – I was finally there
wtf?! Raynor’s still alive! zerg beware….

Anybody want to help me put this to video?


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